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Finding an ultimate healthy life style for all Inspired Me...

A Healthy Person has millions dreams, a Sick Person has only one!

What does a real health mean to you? For most people:

  • Being sick every now and then looks natural.
  • Having tablets and medicines are OK and
  • Having one leg at home and the other one in a hospital does not cause much issue.

What about you?

Everyone can be healthy all the time without any of the above. I had a journey from being sick most of time to reach my full and real healthy life style and would love to share it with you. Read more

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Everyone deserves to live a life at its fullest potential. Your health is not an exception.

To gauge your level of health, give 0 to 10 to any of the below statements.


  • I am always healthy and do not use any medication

  • Fill full of energy even on Monday mornings!

  • I do not need more than 6 hours sleep in 24 hours


If you get any number below 30 you are in right place.


About Author

Searching for a real healthy life has been a biggest challenge for Michael for years.

When he was a little kid, he had number of different health complications. Like most of his friends,  fever, migraine, stomach disorder and constipation were some of his health challenges.

These all got worsen when he becomes older by added high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, intense and sever migraine and high level of bad blood cholesterol.

For more than 30 years He has been in searching to find out what are the real cause of diseases, what prevention options we do have and what does a real healthy lifestyle mean.

Michael believes human has had a lot of advancement in different aspect of their life in recent decades and now it is a good time to think seriously about their ultimate health. Read more


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