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About Me

Helping myself and people always been my goal

Migrated to Australia more than decade ago, I was born in a traditional middle-class family in Tehran -Iran and my career started when I was 17 years old.

I went to the uni at the age of 18 and followed my parents advise to become an engineer like my older brothers. Graduated as a mechanical engineer I started my own business with one of my uni classmates and worked hard as a machinery manufacturer and helped number of other manufacturers.  

The business went well however my health did not.  The different type of diseases affected my level of happiness and I have been in search to find out what are the real cause of them.

My parents were not well either and I have been reading books in health, interviewing doctors, and visiting patients in hospital trying to find the best formula for human real health.

Doing my research helped me to gradually change my lifestyle in the last 30 years and helped a lot of people around me by sharing my experience.  

By implementing what I found now I am on my ideal weight; my level of energy is over the roof and have wonderful feeling all the time.

I believe everyone can get the same result by walking on a same path.

I believe it is good time to share my secret to help community reaches their ultimate health.

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