Will You Recognize Your Ideal Client?

Do you know who your ideal client is?

You know… the client who is excited to work with you, trusts you, listens to you and raves to other people about you.

I was helping Alexandra, one of my clients, with her marketing campaign last week… in particular with her marketing message.

And she asked me the question I get asked often by people.

“Irene why is it important to have an ideal client? Why can’t I market to everyone? Everyone wants what I have to sell.”

My answer to her was that you need to target your message and it needs to be specific. If you send your message out to everyone then it will be general and will lose its power.

To really resonate with your client your message needs to be focused, specific and be exactly what your client needs to hear. They need to show you understand them and can solve their problems.

You can’t do that if you are “talking” to everyone. And the only way your message can be specific is to know who your ideal client is.

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